My Out Of The Way Place

A Shot In The Dark

I wake with a start with the answer upon my lips.

In darkness all is lost.

I cannot even remember the question.

Illumination is not a quest.

Only a cold hard shot in the dark.

Once again it has missed.


6 Responses to “A Shot In The Dark”

  1. Such pathos..I do love this side of you – tender – vulnerable.

    Thanks Annie. I appreciate it. – Fuzz

  2. simply wow.
    you wow me . a lot.

    I can’t begin to say how grateful I am for this comment. You amaze me. – Fuzz

  3. I often wake with the knowledge possibly that there is something there just beyond my fingertips, just beyond my grasp. In the dark, unconscious world all is knowing. In the clouded judgment of wakeful “sleep” all is lost.

    It happens to me quite frequently. It is a feeling that at once saddens and confuses. – Fuzz

  4. I’m mostly with Annie on this one…I think this side of you is more “you” than the other…yes, I know the other exists, but this is more real..
    quite haunting this is too btw

    We all have many sides. One is no more real than the other. It is the parts that make us whole. – Fuzz

  5. There’s a depth here that I’ve experienced myself. Something elusive, like a carrot dangling on a stick right out in front moving one step further away as I walk.

    At least the carrot is better than the stick. Each teach a lesson. One is more painful than the other if not so frustrating. – Fuzz

  6. “In darkness all is lost”
    How much can I relate to that line?
    As usual, pure Mac.
    Always a pleasure visiting here.

    Thanks dude. It’s always nice to see you around. – Fuzz

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