My Out Of The Way Place


Go ahead and hide your face.

Every facet is indelibly etched on my mind.

Forever remembered.

Forever loved.


6 Responses to “Hidden”

  1. niiice.

    Thanks, Red. The story behind it is not so nice but I am dealing with it as best I can. – Fuzz

  2. Wow – seems everywhere I go today things are slapping me in the face. Beautiful, honey, it really is.

    Thanks, Annie. That means a lot. – Fuzz

  3. Brilliant. I really love this one.

    Thanks Teeni. It was tough. – Fuzz

  4. Me likes this one too……

    Thank you. – Fuzz

  5. You okay?
    let me know.
    Prayers your way, as always every Sunday morning.
    Take care, bud.

    Thanks bud. I have remarkable resiliancy. It’s a good thing. – Fuzz

  6. This image that was posted is a protected image.I did not give anyone permission to use it in any way.Please remove it at once or ask permission.Shawn Gregg Dec. 26 2009

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