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Riding Out The Calm

Last night, a feeling of calm washed over me that I haven’t felt in a long time. I have grown to completely distrust this feeling. It seems that after the calm inevitably comes the storm. Perhaps the calm is a warning that the storm is coming and a reminder of the storms that I have weathered in the past and came through maybe a little windblown but still intact.  For now, I will enjoy the calm and patiently await the next storm.


6 Responses to “Riding Out The Calm”

  1. I hope the calm lasts for a while for ya…and that the storm, when it comes, will be a light watering for the flowers.

    So far the calm has held with only a light thunderstorm or two and a good lightshow is good every now and again. – Fuzz

  2. I too have experienced a feeling of calm… right before my friend M died… err.. hope no one dies love..

    Hope everything turns out ok

    So far so good. I am sorry for your loss after a feeling of calm. Life can be cruel that way sometimes. – Fuzz

  3. The calm allows us to gather our strength for the storm. There is little we are unable to deal with in some way, but the gathering of strength does makes it a little easier.
    If, and when, the storm comes, I hope it doesn’t last too long

    Thank you for that. – Fuzz

  4. i wonder if we are self-fulfillng the storm by expecting it? i think that life naturally ebbs and flows, changes and rearranges. that we can’t predict it makes it seem sudden or strange but it is just life. i hope that your calm stays with you for a long restful time.

    Thank you Sarah. In the end, one can only hope that the calm outweighs the storm. – Fuzz

  5. they say life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.
    fuck that, I want calm
    I am happy that you are getting a little calm!

    It has been clear sailing for a little while. Although I am enjoying it, I am still waiting for the hammer to fall. – Evyl

  6. Sometimes it’s all we can do.

    True. – Fuzz

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