My Out Of The Way Place


You say that I’m the one to blame

For giving you my trust.

I’ll take the fault, I’ll take the blame

If you feel I must.

It is my fault. I gave you wings

To soar if you could in life.

I knew the risks, the dangerous things

That lead to heartache and strife.

So fly away, if you must

Yet, remember if you will.

A cold hard task to regain one’s trust

Even if I love you still.

If a time should come when you need someone to ease your pain or dry your tears,

Remember my child, I shall be here with all my love through all my years.


6 Responses to “Wings”

  1. How incredibly sweet.

  2. Aw…tears…

  3. I can hear the pain so clearly. ..I too have felt the same pain is why it stands out…
    {{{{{hugs}}}}} for you..we do what we can when we can, and the rest is up to them…

  4. Thank you all my friends. I shall be fine. And I hope so shall she.

  5. deep, very deep
    take care and be good to yourself

    I try. – Fuzz

  6. Mad at myself for not coming by here more often.
    Love this.

    I’m glad that you liked it. But don’t worry about it. I come here very rarely myself. – Fuzz

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