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4 Responses to “Disturbed”

  1. Wow…what do ya say to that?

    I have nothing the video said it far better than I. – Evyl

  2. I think this scares me a little, but I had to watch it over again. I just still am not sure what it says to me but I feel a little of the mans pain and a whole lot of anger.
    I’ve been working on a section of a book that I’m writing for my own sanity (dreams that I have at night) and I haven’t been able shake this video…it’s really eating at the back of my brain.

    It is a disturbing video. Perhaps that is why I enjoy it. I can see the madness so close to the surface in it. – Fuzz

  3. I love Davids voice. He’s awesome. I’m proud of Disturbed making a video that has a subject so non PC. Good on them!
    It really makes you think doesnt it?

    Hope your ok.

    I am fine. I have had friends, classmates, and co-workers who have left through suicide. I myself was once plagued by thoughts but I am older now and if not wiser at least I am thankful for the life that I have. – Fuzz

  4. I swear I just saw this song on tv however the video was way different so I came over to see if I Was thinking things wrong and now its not there.

    Thats a shame. Was a fucken good video. Stupid censorship.

    Glad your ok though. I hope your friends and co-workers that left you are now at peace wherever they may be.

    Peace can be hard fought at times. Yet I am at peace for the most part. And you are right censorship is wrong. – Fuzz

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