My Out Of The Way Place


Weary of mind, weary of body, weary of soul.

I am left with unanswerable questions.

You wandered off to paths that none should tread.

Searching for treasures

Finding nothing

Losing all.

Forsaking the sunlit paths, you chose the darkness.

Gazing into that darkness, I grow numb.

I send you hope to find the light once more. 


7 Responses to “Weary”

  1. You are a caring soul, fuzz. Who else would take someone else’s darkness into their own and turn it into hope for them. I emailed you too. A.

    I appreciated the e-mail. Thanks Ali. – Fuzz

  2. Standing on the sides and watching someone else struggle with their darkness is never easy. Shining the light of hope is all we can do sometimes.

    Sadly that is true. People must make their own choices. – Fuzz

  3. How fortunate are they to have you . .

    I don’t know some things only leave me with a deep sense of hopelessness. – Fuzz

  4. And now that I really understand, I love this even more.


    Thanks Ali. – Fuzz

  5. “I send you hope to find the light once more.”
    What a prayer, it’s beautiful.

    Thanks. It is but a poor attempt to gain some understanding for myself. I am still confused. – Fuzz

  6. I totally Identify with this post. I’m in the same boat as you at present. I’m looking for the light as well. It was what I consider prophetical for me to look for that light.

    I’m glad that it did. Hopefully the light will shine for us all. Thanks for visiting this out of the way place. I appreciate it. – Fuzz

  7. Some desperate souls seek friends like you forever and never find them.
    I feel blessed.
    Deep compassion.
    The best.

    Sometimes that’s all we can give. – Fuzz

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