My Out Of The Way Place

The Calm

The storm has passed. The sky is quieted. The howling wind has blown away. The crack of thunder has dulled to a slow sonorous rumble. The hailstones lay upon the ground. Their presence slowly melting away from memory. Only the soft patter of raindrops falling from the leaves remain to give credence to the fury that has departed. I stand upon the grass, thankful for the passing of the storm, bathed in calm.


4 Responses to “The Calm”

  1. I can just smell the air…my favorite thing, after a storm. Fresh and clear. Thanks for sharing…I love it.

    The fresh earthy scent after a storm is one of the great sensations of nature. – Fuzz

  2. I’ve been dealing with different sorts of storms lately. I keep finding the small spots of calm here and there, resting, enjoying the reprieve before the next wave hits. I think I’ll just stay for awhile, if that’s ok with you.

    It’s perfectly alright. I’ll keep a fire going. – Fuzz

  3. Fuzz…your whole theme brings such peace and calm. Jennifer is right. I will linger here between raindrops and nurture tranquility back into my life through your words. Thanks for sticking with me during the darker days.


    I hope the sun will shine through for you. And soon. You are a true kind spirit. Thanks for sharing it. – Fuzz

  4. I understand.
    Nice when the sky clears.
    Too bad it doesn’t happen nearly enough.
    nice, dude.

    It is nice. I only wish the times were longer between the storms. – Fuzz

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