My Out Of The Way Place



Ever so softly the fairie muses whisper, ‘Create.’ But I sit in oblivion, writing doggerel, failing in my despair. Soft tales of love, psalms of hope, or gestures of peace elude me. Perhaps that is the way of things. To every life some rain must fall. So I sit listening to the rain trace it’s patterns across my soul. And with every drop, I wish for the rain to wash these mortal cares away.


7 Responses to “Listen”

  1. Fuzz,
    I love this soft side of you. It’s so beautiful when you let us see your soul.You truly are a poet at heart.

    Eventhough you are far too kind with your words, I appreciate them greatly. – Fuzz

  2. i just want to reach out and hug you after reading this..i like this side of you too, however it’s not surprising it exists…

    I would gladly accept that hug. Thanks a lot. – Fuzz

  3. Even just this little bit was beautiful. But as they say, nothing that is really worth something is easy. So put some time into it. You’ll come up with something extraordinary. 🙂

    They say that all good things come to those that wait yet the virtue of patience often eludes me. – Fuzz

  4. I’ve listened to the rain countless times as well.
    In many ways, we are not unlike two kindred souls.
    As far as patience, look no further than the trees outside your front door.
    They have mastered the art.
    Nice post, Fuzz.

    Thanks. I appreciate it. – Pure Evyl

  5. Absolutely lovely post, fuzz. I am so glad that you continue to write…

    It’s been awhile but I will be posting soon. – Fuzz

  6. Hey.
    I liked this pic and would like to use it for an entry in a contest at http://www.photoshoptalent.com
    credit will go to you for the image. 😀

    I hope you don’t mind

    Could u please email me giving me permission
    as I need to show proof. thanks


    I’m always willing to share. – Fuzz

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